How Far Should You Take Your Party Theme?


Are you intending to host a themed party? Themed or costume parties can be great fun—(there is something about dressing up that really makes people lose their inhibitions. A themed party can give the host a direction for decorations and really tie the event together.

However, themes can also make party-givers nervous. Will the guests embrace it or will they turn their noses up at wearing costumes? Will the décor and food be judged amusingly kitsch or just plain naff? Whether you are a whole-hearted embracer of themed parties or keener on a subtler motif, there will be a level you can aim for that works for you.

1. Keeping it low-key

If you intend to keep the theme in the background, choose it carefully. Try something along the lines of Cocktail night. Guests will know to dress up, you can hire cocktail glasses and shakers and have a few cocktail recipes to hand.

Black and White is another theme which works well. Most people own black and white clothing and black and white party decorations are both elegant and easy to source from party hire companies.

2. Exploring the possibilities

If you like the idea of fancy dress, but don't want to ask friends to make too much effort, there are alternatives. 'Wear a wig' parties have the same ice-breaking qualities as fully costumed ones, but are much cheaper and lower maintenance. Choose a theme that becomes the party itself. How about 'Games night', where you hire party games for outdoors (croquet, quoits, giant checkers) or bring out the old indoor favourites for nostalgic fun.

3. Going the whole hog

If you have the time and energy, push that theme to its limits! If you want your guests to get into the spirit of things too, remember to give a long lead-up time with your invitation. You can't expect people to source the perfect outfit with a week's notice. Never say fancy dress is compulsory, as there may be someone who feels uncomfortable, but do make it clear in the wording that it is expected and even give some suggestions.

Then, it is up to you to match not only the decorations, but the food, drinks and music to the theme. Hire a DJ and disco if you are doing a decade-themed party (60s, 70s, 80s) and research the party snacks of that time. Your guests will love a modern interpretation of prawn cocktails or twiglets.

Find a theme you can relate to and a helpful local party hire firm. However you choose to interpret that theme, have a great party!


27 March 2015

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