6 Things You Can Hire for Your Party to Make Planning Easier


Organizing a party? Don't let the nitty gritty details keep you up at night. You can simply hire party supplies. This will save you on buying costs, give you access to the best party supplies available and save you plenty of time prepping for your big day. What's more, you can get everything you need from one roof. Check the list below to see what you can get. Tents & marquees

2 April 2015

How Far Should You Take Your Party Theme?


Are you intending to host a themed party? Themed or costume parties can be great fun—(there is something about dressing up that really makes people lose their inhibitions. A themed party can give the host a direction for decorations and really tie the event together. However, themes can also make party-givers nervous. Will the guests embrace it or will they turn their noses up at wearing costumes? Will the décor and food be judged amusingly kitsch or just plain naff?

27 March 2015